I help people understand the principles behind finding their peace of mind, wellbeing, and good feelings.

Are you looking to feel better, lead better, parent better, relate better?

I can help.

Using a revolutionary approach to change, I work with individuals, couples, physicians, coaches, and businesses helping people discover their peace of mind, improve their relationships, make better decisions, and feel better every day.


The Master Mind: Three Principles To Finding Lasting Inner Peace and Good Feelings

Dedicated to helping people feel good through whatever life brings their way.

-Dr. Josh Schwarzbaum, MD, MBA

Transformative coach, Board certified in Emergency Medicine, Addiction medicine, emergency Medical services

A REVOLUTIONARY approach to change

Welcome to Healthy Inside. It’s here that you can feel good, no matter what life brings your way. 

Over the past decade I've met people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities. I've come to notice that a lot of people go through very similar situations but come out feeling very differently. It got me curious, so I started searching for the answer…

How could two people in the same car accident come to the ER with similar injuries. One person is having a panic attack while the other is completely calm and collected? I wondered, is it really the accident that caused their emotional response?

There had to be a missing piece. 

Eventually, I found a commonality amongst mankind. 

The tranquility and inner peace that we can only dream of. I tried all sorts of things to get more of it. The meditations, yoga, journaling, fixing my thoughts, exercise regimens worked for a time but then wore off. It wasn’t until I truly started looking inside that I found it. 

I was finally able to free myself what held me back. I stopped having to try so hard to feel good.

What I realized was I don’t need anything external to feel good. The feeling comes from within me. 

It comes from within each one of us. And that's the beauty. 

We see it in ourselves and then in others. The world around us changes, and things look different. 

We see from a new perspective, and we feel a new feeling. 

The feeling of goodness and connectedness that we ALL share. The feeling that so many of us are looking for. 

As a coach, I am here to share it with you and help shine a light in its path so you can find it. 

Like hundreds of thousands around the world, I'm sure you'll be blown away when this understanding is shared with you, and see what you are really capable of.

With much love, 

Dr. Josh Schwarzbaum 

Who I work with

Individuals, Couples

and children

Rid yourself of suffering, discover your peace of mind, improve your relationships, and connect with your limitless potential while creating the life you love! 


For leaders who want to inspire others. Whether in large or small groups, unite your company, improve morale, teamwork and strengthen inner resilience.  Find the power you've always been looking for and learn how to share it with others!  

physicians and 
Medical Professionals

No matter where you are in your training, learn how to free up your mind, deepen your impact, and access your TRUE potential. Improve your relationships and leave work feeling more satisfied EVERY day! 


If you’re someone who is looking to make a difference in the lives of others, you’ve come to the right place. Join the hundreds of  physicians and coaches I've worked with, to deepen your impact and facilitate profound change. 

About me

Hi, I'm Dr. Josh Schwarzbaum and thanks for visiting Healthy Inside!

Shortly after starting my training as a physician I was feeling burned out. I was led to believe that this would happen given the nature of my work. After all, I was working in some of the toughest ERs in the US. 

I became interested in physician wellness and traveled the globe trying to find the "answer." I read dozens of self-help books, attended conferences and changed my lifestyle. None of it seemed to stick. 

One day, as I was walking into a patient room it hit me. I couldn't change what my patients were going through or where they came from. I couldn't change my hospital system. I couldn't change what people said to me. The only thing I could change is how I respond to any given situation. 

Fast forward 10 years and I've found the answer. It lies within each of us. Even you. 

Since discovering the principles that govern all of our states of mind, I have been able to see life through a new lens. I’ve felt more at peace, improved my relationships, and continue to leave work feeling more fulfilled. I’ve gotten a view into what connects us all and through that, found a deep sense of peace and harmony. 

I've been teaching this to my colleagues, patients, and clients and found that they've experienced the same change I did. 

They've dropped their addictions, worries and anxieties. Employee morale and engagement shot up and burnout has become a thing of the past.

The best part about it is that it doesn't require adding more things into your life. In fact, it's just the opposite. We're already busy, who has time for more?

When you are ready to make a lasting change, let me know. I'm here to help. 

I invite you to step out of the world as you know it and enter into a land of limitless possibilities where your life will change for the better. 


Are you ready??

What My Clients Are Saying

It was super helpful to reflect back, acknowledge and recognize the way life's challenges make us stronger. Through these groups, I learned things that I may never have on my own.  

April R. Corporate Group Participant

Dr. Josh………thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. You continue to give us so much hope. I now know the power within all of us to move forward stronger than before.

Paul M. Fortune 500 Executive

I found the positive in what I always thought was negative. My relationships improved, my anxiety went down and I sleep better at night. Wow! I feel free!

David J.  Medical Student

After working with Josh, I achieved more in the past few months than in the last 10 years. I found out how my thoughts and beliefs were holding me back. I let some of them go and have seen myself grow so much. 

Michael M.  CEO

I never knew my addiction was related to my thinking. When my thinking changed my addiction cleared up. It was beyond any expectations. I connected within and have remained clean for years!

Karl S Formerly addicted to heroin

I always thought my hospital and the lack of staff made it hard for me at work. In just a few conversations I uncovered my true power. It's my view on the world that creates how I feel. No matter what's going on at work, I can feel fulfilled. All I needed to do was see a new perspective. Thank you for helping me do that! 

Dr. Sara P. Emergency Physician

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