A collection of courses and books geared towards helping you find the health and peace of mind that you already have inside.


The Best Kept Secret in Wellbeing

A 3 part series that will jumpstart your journey to finding the peace of mind and natural resilience that is already inside you!


Burnout can get to us. The understanding presented in this book guides people to the prevention and cure of burnout stopping it dead in its tracks. 

Help yourself. Help someone you love. An essential guide to understanding the cause and cure to addiction.

We never know what life will bring. If we know how to find our peace of mind despite that unknown, we can get through life's challenges with more ease. 


Healthy Inside: Ten Life Lessons on Finding Inner Peace

Discover the good feelings already inside you with Healthy Inside. This accessible and practical guide shares life lessons from experiences in the emergency room, addiction centers, ambulances, prisons, and schools.

Listening For A Feeling Finds True Healing

An illustrated book for adults and children alike. Listening For a Feeling Finds True Healing is an exploration into the transformative art of genuine connection. We all can do it!