Discover The Secret To Achieving Inner Peace No Matter What Life Brings Your Way

This 3 part series will jumpstart your journey to finding the peace of mind and natural resilience that is already inside you!


What they say

I learned how valuable and powerful our minds are. I also learned how our thoughts are power and we can change them. When we do, our reality changes with them. This gave me more control of my life, business and attitudes.

Mike M. // CEO

This course allowed me to understand others more, be more patient with them, and embrace their uniqueness knowing that they have the inherent wisdom within them. It allowed me not to force against things I don't have control of and helped me feel free!

Jenny S. // Emergency Physician

This course was the just what I needed to get me started on my journey to feeling better. I've been in and out of therapy for years but it never stuck. I took this course then decided to work with Dr. Josh. Within a month, I was freed from my anxiety and enjoying my newfound feelings of hope, happiness and psychological freedom! 

Tina W.// Mother, Nurse

Inside The Best Kept Secret in Wellbeing

Discover Your Potential

In this course you'll come to recognize how and why resilience is natural to everyone and only obscured over time by the way we think about life. Reconnect to your innate resilience, and be empowered as life situations arise. You'll see how you already have the power within to navigate whatever life brings your way. 

The Power of Thought

The power to think is common to all human beings. Through our thinking we each create our own moment-to-moment experience of what is happening.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Feelings

Find how readily a change of thought occurs, and how dramatically that change of thought can influence what you believe to be possible or true.

Find Your Quiet Mind

Navigate life by seeing the relation of your thoughts and emotions. Find out how slowing down and uncovering your quiet mind, even for just a moment, can give you a fresh start.

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