Josh Schwarzbaum, MD, MBA

Throughout life, there’s a lot that comes our way. 

I may not always know what is going to be, but if I know that no matter what I will be okay and that I can get through it, I never need to worry. 

That’s what the work of life is about – finding the place where everything is okay.

Once we settle into that place, (which is already within each of us), then whatever comes we can handle, we can get through and we’ll excel.

We don’t need to worry about all the details, about all the potentials because we understand that we are in the place where potential is created. 

It’s there we find our compass and once we know how to use it, we will always be headed in the right direction even through the uncharted waters and the stormy seas.

Dr. Josh Schwarzbaum is a triple board certified physician in emergency medicine, addiction medicine, and emergency medical services. He consults for organizations and coaches individuals helping them find their natural resilience and peace of mind no matter what life brings their way.

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