Josh Schwarzbaum, MD, MBA

We see it all the time. We do it. We have a problem, something on our mind, we start talking about it. We tell anyone that’s willing to listen. 

“This is what I’m going through…” “This is my situation in life…” “Can you believe how hard this is…” “I wish I was some other person…” 

At some level, we may be looking for sympathy, but when we get it, does it really help?

Nevertheless, we go on our way, sharing the pain and the sorrow and in the end, we feel worse than when we started.

I’ve found that when I hang out with my problems they grow, they get bigger and they make friends – more problems. 

Now I want to get all of my problems off of my chest. It will help me feel better. I start talking about them and maybe even feel a sense of relief and unloading. But it doesn’t end there. If that exercise didn’t free me, my problems enter back into my thoughts and the cycle continues. 

Where is the answer, if it’s not in our problems? The solution lies within our minds in our ability to freely think, NO MATTER the circumstance. 

This solution can pull us up from whatever we are experiencing. It’s our free choice. Our ability to freely think in any given moment. 

We are each blessed with a gift called Thought.  It’s the rudder for our journey.  

It’s how we see things, it’s how we interpret things, it’s how we interact with things. With a change of thought comes a change of reality. 

What was once dark and gloomy can become bright and sunny. 

With it, we can find the truth within and pull ourselves up from whatever it may be. 

This power lies within each one of us. In the deepest darkest place, we can find the tiniest of light – the light of love and forgiveness. Once we do, we find our way. Because, where there is light, it can NEVER be purely dark. 

Dr. Josh Schwarzbaum is a triple board certified physician in emergency medicine, addiction medicine, and emergency medical services. He consults for organizations and coaches individuals helping them find their natural resilience and peace of mind no matter what life brings their way.

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